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Can I go into any module I want to?

Yes you can, so long as you register for an account at LZN. If you are part of a class your online tutor may have selected specific modules for you and your classmates to complete. However if you wish to complete additional modules your tutor will be able to arrange access for you.

How long will a module take to complete?

There is no time limit on the modules and you can work through at your own pace. Any work you have completed will be saved if you end the session before completion of the module. Time taken will depend entirely on the individual, but we estimate a module will take around two hours.

Will completing the modules give me my SVQ/NVQ3?

No. Undertaking modules on LZN will complement and give additional evidence that supports your SVQ/NVQ studies. To help you in this endeavour we have provided details of how the modules align to your SVQ/NVQ. You can find these at the start of each module.

Will completing the modules give me a qualification & certificate?

No. It may be that your employer is willing to accept evidence of completion of LZN modules (e.g. printed grade page) as contribution to your Continued Professional Development.

Can I skip the middle of the module and just go to the Quiz?

On your first attempt you have to work through each page of the module before completing the quiz. However, if you are returning to the module in order to review your answers you can jump to any point of the module including the quiz.

Do I need to read all the recommended reading titles?

It is not a requirement in order for you to proceed through the module, but in order to maximise the learning opportunity it is worth taking the time to read the material provided. There may also be questions in the final quiz based on the readings.

Do I need to listen to the podcast?

Again, it is not a requirement but listening to the podcast may give you insight from a different perspective and provided you with opportunity to hear the thoughts of many well respected members of the sector. There may also be questions in the final quiz based on the podcast.

Do I have to fill in the responses?

Yes, you must give a response in order to progress to the next page. If you have an online tutor your responses will be marked.

Do I need to watch the videos?

You may find it hard to answer questions on the videos if you do not watch them! Therefore we reccomend you watch the videos.

Do I need to complete the whole module?

If you want to receive a final grade for the module you will have to complete it.

Can I go back if I think of a better answer?

No you can't, the answer will be locked. You can go back and view your answer but you will need to speak to your tutor in order to edit it.

Who will mark my work?

If you are part of a class and have an online tutor, they will mark your work. If you have independently joined the LZN you will not have a tutor assigned and no one will mark your work.

Do I need to work in child care to enrol?

No, these courses are available to everyone, for free.

What if I can’t answer a question in what did you hear?

You need to put some text in the box in order to progress to the next page. We would recommend going back and viewing the video again.

Can I replay the video?

Yes you can replay the video as many times as you like. However your final score will be slightly affected for watching the videos more than once.

What’s a reflective blog?

The reflective blog is a resource for you to collect any thoughts or ideas you would like to record whilst studying the module. In addition you can use the blog to share thoughts with your tutor. Note, other users of the site cannot view your blog.

What’s a forum?

The forum is a virtual classroom area where you can post questions, discuss issues and generally share thoughts with your fellow classmates and tutor.

Do I have to pay to subscribe to the forum?

No. The forum along with the rest of LZN is free.

When I enrol, will you pass my details to other sites?

No. We will not share your information with any other websites or organisations, and we will only contact you if you “opt in” when you sign up.

I don’t have an email address can I still get access to the course?

No. A valid email address is needed to register for the LZN. We will send login details to this address.

What’s a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that internet browsers use to increase functionality. The LZN works better when you have cookies enabled.

How do I enable cookies?

This depends on what internet browser you are using. Go to the help menu (or press F1) in your browser for instructions.